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How To Pick A Print Size

Choosing a Print can be difficult if you don't know what size to pick! Here are some helpful tips for choosing the best size print for your wall.

  • Get out the tape measure & measure the wall you are wanting to hang the art on. Make sure to take into consideration any furniture that may get in the way if you are thinking of a bigger art piece

  • Make sure to check where any supports are in the wall if thinking of using a bigger/heavier frame as this will help with your decision making

  • If hanging a print above a piece of furniture, the general rule would be to make sure the prints width is smaller then the thickness of the furniture below it

  • Determine the visual impact you want the artwork to have. Larger pieces can make a bold statement and become a focal point, while smaller pieces may contribute to a gallery wall or create a more intimate atmosphere

  • If you're planning to display multiple pieces together, consider their sizes and how they interact with each other. Place them on the ground together and juggle the pieces around until you find a placement that suits best for you. Pinterest is great for some templates for styling pieces on a wall

  • To visualise how different sizes will look in the space, consider creating mock-ups or using templates. You can cut out paper or cardboard in various sizes that represent the dimensions of the artwork and tape them to the wall to get a better sense of how they will fit.

  • Remember that you can always UPSIZE your frame from your print. Eg: you can buy an A4 print and put it in an A3 frame (that comes with a white matted boarder). This gives the look of a bigger piece, and also prints look lovely with a white border around them. You can also buy custom matting online (or from your favourite framer) to suit the artwork to the frame you love without the cost of a professional frame/framing service.

I hope these tips helped! If you have a question please let me know and i'll be happy to help

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