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Australian Artist Emily Birdsey Fine Art

"As an artist, I believe that the act of creating is a form of self-care, a way to nurture and love ourselves. Through my paintings, I seek to inspire others to tap into their own creativity and to discover the power of self-expression. I seek to channel the healing power of wildlife art to uplift and inspire others, bringing comfort and solace to those who need it most."


Hi, I am Emily Birdsey and I am a full time Australian artist from the picturesque Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia. My artistic journey is a vibrant fusion of mediums and techniques. I am an oil painter who passionately incorporates mixed media into my works. My approach allows me to make wildlife pop from the canvas, infusing my creations with a dynamic palette of colours and textures.

Nature's profound beauty serves as my muse and primary source of inspiration.

I finds solace and connection in the natural world, especially in the company of animals. My art is a heartfelt tribute to the creatures that share our planet, and I hope to convey the sense of peace and joy they bring me through every brushstroke.


As a long-term goal, I aspires to fill people's homes with beautiful art that allows them to bring a touch of nature into their lives in a fun and creative way. My mission is to create pieces that not only adorn the walls but also elicit pride and happiness in those who gaze upon them.

Wolf painting with Artist
Behind the scenes painting
Paitning floral quills.HEIC
Nuzzled in Flowers artwork 3.heic
Oil painting


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